congenital disorder

congenital disorder
a defect that is present at birth
Hypernyms: ↑defect, ↑anomaly, ↑anomalousness
ablepharia, ↑albinism, ↑anencephaly, ↑anencephalia, ↑ametria, ↑color blindness, ↑colour blindness, ↑color vision deficiency, ↑colour vision deficiency, ↑epispadias, ↑clinocephaly, ↑clinocephalism, ↑clinodactyly, ↑macroglossia, ↑mongolism, ↑mongolianism, ↑Down's syndrome, ↑Down syndrome, ↑trisomy 21, ↑oxycephaly, ↑acrocephaly, ↑cleft lip, ↑harelip, ↑cheiloschisis, ↑cleft palate, ↑amelia, ↑meromelia, ↑encephalocele, ↑meningocele, ↑myelomeningocele, ↑plagiocephaly, ↑polysomy, ↑hermaphroditism, ↑hermaphrodism, ↑pseudohermaphroditism, ↑scaphocephaly, ↑congenital heart defect, ↑spina bifida, ↑rachischisis, ↑schistorrhachis, ↑spinocerebellar disorder, ↑polydactyly, ↑hyperdactyly, ↑syndactyly, ↑syndactylism, ↑tongue tie, ↑ankyloglossia

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